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The Big Hit supports lots of squash and racketball providers across the country to offer local regular competitive opportunities.

Court Challenge Series box leagues and one day events are a great way to get involved in local squash and racketball competitions.

If you already play with friends or colleagues for fun or even if you are new to the sport but would like to play matches against other people of a similar standard then The Court Challenge Series programme is the place to do it.

Court Challenge Box Leagues
Box leagues are run in local centres, where you play matches against other players in the same facility. There are usually several leagues running so you can play against players of a similar standard. Playing in a box league provides you with the opportunity to play several matches a month at a time that suits you. Use search function below to find a Court Challenge Box league running near you.

Court Challenge One Day Events
One day Court Challenge Series events are inexpensive to enter and great fun to take part in; here’s what you get

- A free competition T-shirt
- Dunlop prizes for winners and runners up

Even if you have never played in a squash competition before, don't worry, you have come to exactly the right place. Every event has different ability categories to encourage all players. Events run in a variety of formats (‘round robin’, ‘knock out’ etc). You will always get to play lots of games in short period of time, meet some like-minded people and have a great time, so why not give it a go?

For Facility Owners
If you run a club or facility with squash courts why not get in touch with us to find out how easy it is to run a Court Challenge Series event or box league of your own, we can provide you with all you need to get started.

For more information on how to set up your own Court Challenge Event or Box League, download our helpful fact sheet.

Note: All Information listed for Court Challenge Box Leagues is provided by external providers, therefore England Squash & Racketball are not responsible for the direct management of any Court Challenge Box leagues.



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