Alfreton Court Challenge Series

The Alfreton Court Challenge Series ended on Sunday 20th October in a four round monrad tournament. Eleven players took part in the whole programme, which included 4 weeks coaching prior to the main event.

Jon West, Centre Manager said "The Squash competition has successfully ran for three years now and has increased in numbers year on year. This increase in numbers must be attributed to Andy Hay, our squash coach who puts in a great deal of effort to ensure these competitions run smoothly".

Siobhan Eastham, Regional Administrator said "The Big Hit has also played a huge role in the outcome of this event, it ensured national promotion through the Big Hit website and also provided resources such as rackets and t-shirts which were utilised during the programme".

Jon West continues: "We hope the success of the leagues, court challenges, coaching sessions and casual squash use will continue to grow and raise the profile of Squash & Racketball and with the help of the Big Hit we know it's an attainable target".

The Court Challenge Series is a great way to get people on court, with a 4/5 weeks coaching programme and a tournament to finish. If you'd like to run a Court Challenge Series in your club please get in touch with your Regional Administrators.


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