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Twenty four Sheffield Hallam University Students took part in a Court Challenge Series event at Hallamshire Squash Club, as part of the weeklong Big Hit Tour taking place in Sheffield on January 29.

Sheffield Hallam University Squash Club Chair, Lara Cooper said, "The Big Hit brand is really fresh and exciting, and it was easy getting so many people to take part in today's event. It has been great to be involved in tonight's event, and I am looking forward to keeping the momentum going."

Not only regular squash players but also, beginners from the University took part in this exciting Court Challenge event at Hallamshire Squash Club.

"Its fantastic that Hallamshire Squash Club has developed such a strong partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. Tonights event is involving existing squash players and also, players new to the sport," John Mullins, Head Coach at Hallamshire said after the event.

"Hallamshire Squash Club is a great example of a club that has really embraced partnership working. There is a huge demand for squash & racketball in a variety of formats within the university sector, and tonights Court Challenge event, is a live example of a vibrant club and university working together. We are delighted with the positive feedback on the Big Hit so far, and are really excited about its potential to grow both squash & racketball," added Steve Amos, England Squash & Racketball.


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