Cumberland Ladies Squash Open

The Cumberland Ladies Squash Open was held on Sunday 28th September at the Cumberland Club in London.

One of the few ladies squash tournaments encompassing all levels from county players to advanced beginners, 28 ladies and one 12 year old junior made their way to battle it out in four divisions. Ladies came from as far away as Cambridge and Kent, highlighting the enthusiasm for ladies only tournaments!

Divisions 1 and 2 were both hotly contested in a superb display of excellent squash. Division 1 was snatched by Selina Sinclair, the Middlesex Ladies County Captain, who overcame Eira Mooney of Queens Club in a beautiful display of how squash should be played, splits on court included! Division 2 was won by Jessica Hunter, a new comer to Middlesex based at Coolhurst, who beat Hannah Khairallah from Winchester.

Division 3 was run away with by Francisca Santos, who is new to London and the Middlesex squash scene. This proved to be a perfect event for her to connect with other players and she is now planning on joining the Middlesex Ladies League with Charing Cross so is sure to be a regular on the circuit! Runner up was Roisin Witort, Captain of the Cumberland Ladies team and certainly made the home club proud!

Division 4 was won by Diane Lanigan, a newly qualified Level 1 Coach who has just started working with juniors. She claims her victory and improvement in the game is due to her recently acquired coaching skills, which was certainly evident in her game! The runner up position was a close call between Daniela Aramu, Vickie Prow and Charlotte Verney with Vickie snatching a win on points.

Ivy Dieltiens, the Event Organiser, said: ā€œFirst of all Iā€™d like to say a massive thank you to the Cumberland club for hosting. Thanks too must go to Harrow for their generous gift vouchers to the winners and runner ups, to Ilyas - a squash enthusiast from the Cumberland club - who donated 2 cookers and a hairdryer as raffle prizes and to England Squash & Racquet for the racquets and bags which were most welcome. Events like this are impossible without the sponsors and players, so a huge thank you to all!ā€


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