Springwood Challenge Success!

Springwood Leisure Centre recently completed a Court Challenge Series; coordinating 7 weeks of squash coaching and a final competition week.

Ian Eckloff, winner of the final tournament, said “All of us found them [the sessions] extremely beneficial and very enjoyable - and as a result we are now committed to continuing our squash "education" on Wednesday evenings”.

James Foulk, squash coach, said “I think this group of players really enjoyed themselves and benefitted from the sessions, they are very enthusiastic about getting back on court and improving their games”.

He continued “The added element of competition at the end of the series is a fantastic way to keep players interested, everyone loves a bit of competition, and I know these guys did! Each player left happy with a suitably sized free t-shirt and draw string bag kindly donated by The Big Hit”.

Due to the success of the event the sessions will continue to run in Springwood with an inaugural tournament taking place. With 7 participants entering the first series and planning to continue extra spaces were offered out to other members. These spaces were snapped up in a matter of hours highlighting how popular the initiative has become at Springwood.

The Court Challenge Series is a great way to get people on court, with a structured coaching programme and a tournament to finish. If you'd like to run a Court Challenge Series in your club please get in touch with your Regional Administrator.



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