Lichfield Duo in Big World Squash Day Challenge

One of the most innovative and demanding events being held on World Squash Day on October 18 is being undertaken by two English players, who will be attempting to complete a formidable challenge at seven clubs in their local region.

James Roberts (pictured above right) and Mark Davey (left), from Lichfield Squash Club in Staffordshire, are planning to play seven matches at seven clubs in seven hours.

They were inspired by last year’s global challenge completed by former world champion Peter Nicol and Tim Garner, who played seven matches in seven continents in seven days to support squash’s Olympic bid.

Roberts, who is chairman of Lichfield Squash Club, said: "That was a phenomenal achievement by Peter and Tim, and it inspired Mark and I to plan a more local version.

“While we won’t be flying across any time zones, the logistics are fairly challenging. While Peter and Tim played one match a day, we are tackling seven matches in seven hours, so we will need to make sure we look after ourselves on the day. I am sure we will have quite a thirst after it’s finished!”

The two players will be aiming to raise money for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association charity as well as raising the profile of their sport.

They will be playing matches at Burton Manor, Wolverhampton Tennis and Squash Club, the Bert Williams Leisure Centre, Four Oaks Squash Club, Oak Park Leisure Centre and Burntwood Leisure Centre before finishing the challenge at their home club in Lichfield. All the clubs field teams in the Central Midlands League.

Davey said: “Squash is a great sport and we are glad to be part of a special day when the game is celebrated all over the world. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what a wonderful sport we have and, at the same time, we aim to raise money for a great cause, supporting the lives of people suffering from a debilitating heart condition.”

Roberts added: “At each club we will play a best of three games match, using point-a-rally (PAR) scoring to 11 points per game. We will certainly have to move quickly if we’re to fit in all those games, but we promise not to break any speed limits between venues!”

The intrepid squash players have set up a special page for supporters to make donations at Just Giving

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