Junior High School Builds Court for Mini Squash

Sharman’s Cross Junior High School, which is just 5 minutes walk from Solihull Arden Squash Club, constructed a court for Mini Squash in its playground.

In a bid to strengthen the link between the school and the club, £450 was pooled together by the two venues to construct a court for Mini Squash in the school playground. The Club already provided Mini Squash lessons at the school three days a week in the sports hall, but this construction means that a further 300 children can be immersed in Mini Squash instruction.

The Year 5 class were asked to help design the court, producing cardboard models to show their ideas. The eventual winners were two girls and their idea was used as closely as possible on the finished court. 40 hours labour was provided free by one of the coaches with some help from the school’s site manager. In total, about £420 was spent.

John Shears, the builder of the court for Mini Squash, said:
“We explained why we wanted to build a court for Mini Squash court in the playground to the Head Teacher. Amazingly, straight away he took us outside and pointed to an area in the playground that we could use. It was not as large a space as we wanted, but two supporting walls were already in place so we agreed.

“I believe this is a great way to promote squash to the most receptive age group and opens up the possibility of tournaments and inter school matches where previously it would have been virtually impossible”.

The dimensions of the court are:
Front Wall - 8ft high and 11ft 6 wide
Side Wall - 7ft, tapering to 3ft and are 16ft long

The construction was inspired by the 'Hong Kong Mini Squash Court' programme, which can be found via a search engine.

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Squash and Racketball are fun, sociable sports that are great for keeping fit.
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