Squashercise takes off in Maidstone!

Maidstone Squash Club hosted their first Squashercise match with Maidstone playing Canterbury Squash club on Wednesday 30th October.

The ladies all started as beginners when they joined their Squashercise classes at their local squash clubs run by County Development coach Steve Franks 12 months ago.

‘Squashacise is a great way for ladies to start to play squash’ reports Steve Franks. ‘The class provides a bridge between the gym to the squash court by offering a 30 minute cardio session followed by a coaching slot finishing off with some friendly matches to underpin the new skills. Emphasis is on the ladies having fun.’

On the night the Maidstone Ladies beat the Canterbury ladies narrowly by 8 games to 6 after the tie itself was drawn 2 – 2 in matches. Both teams are looking forward to the second leg at Canterbury on November 28th.

Squashacise classes are held at Maidstone Squash Club on Wednesday’s from 7.20 – 8.30pm and at Canterbury on Thursdays from 7 – 8.20pm.

If there are any local clubs that have been hosting Squashercise classes and would like a social match please contact Steve Franks – elsteveo969@hotmail.co.uk.


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