Squashercise Workshop

Squashercise is a fun female friendly activity class for everyone based on squash and racketball fitness, movements and skills.

To become a qualified Squashercise instructor and deliver programmes at your club/facility, you need to be a qualified level 1, 2, 3 or 4 England Squash & Racketball coach and attend a three hour Squashercise workshop.

A Squashercise workshop provides you with:

1. Tips on how to use Squashercise to increase female participation and create a fun, social and supportive environment
2. A framework to help you structure Squashercise sessions to a variety of different abilities and types of participants
3. Lots of different Squashercise exercises, drills and activities through practical delivery and resources, which can be delivered on squash courts or sports hall/dance studio
4. All the resources you require to implement a successful Squashercise programme

Benefits of Squashercise:

For you, the Coach:
• To be part of an exciting new, nationally marketed initiative
• Add variety to your coaching
• Open up your coaching programmes to new markets and increase participation
• Learn new skills
• Increase income levels

For the Facility:
• Increase female participation, attracting new players & members
• Retention of existing members
• Increase court usage and revenue – fees & secondary spend
• Vibrant new programme to be involved in
• Attractive to whole family

For the Participant:
• Increase level of physical activity
- Increase heart rate & lung function = reduce risk of heart disease
- Tone up & shape muscle groups
- Burn on average 600 – 800 calories an hour
• Learn a new sport or brush up on old skills
• Fun factor
• Improve self-confidence, self-esteem & general well being
• Highly sociable – catch up with friends & meet new ones
• Integrate into a club/facility environment

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