Yan's Story

Name: Yanning Li
Gender: Female
Location: Leeds Met. University

1) How did you get involved in squash or Squashercise?

Firstly, where I am originally from, I have never had access to squash or squash courts but I came to the Uni and realised that there are 2 squash courts at the Carnegie sports centre, which made me want to try it. In addition, when I realised that I could play Squash on my own and I did not necessarily need to rely on others, I went on YouTube and looked at the ‘How to Play Squash’ video, and started to pick up the basics, bought myself a racket as well.

Then I found out about these regular ‘Squashercise’ sessions running at the Uni free of charge and I thought, wow, that will be something very useful. However, I was worried whether I was good enough to join in but I did anyway, and the coach Kirsty, helped me a lot and made me feel very comfortable and here I am attending the ‘Squashercise’ sessions regularly and this is basically how I got involved in squash and ‘Squashercise.’

2) What do you love about squash or Squashercise?

The best thing is that I can play squash or do the ‘Squashercise’ exercises on my own and it’s this 'independent' feature is what I love about it the most. Nowadays, people are too busy and it is very difficult to find a partner or someone who can do sport with me on a regular basis but I can play squash on my anytime I like. More importantly, there are now regular ‘Squashercise’ sessions at the Uni and I can just turn up and enjoy the sessions.

3) How does squash or Squashercise fit in with your lifestyle?

I love sports and I love exercising regularly but these days everyone, including myself, we are always really busy but I can play Squash at anytime to fit in my daily schedule and attend the ‘Squashercise’ sessions every Tuesday.

4) Why would you encourage others to get involved in squash or Squashercise?

Squash is a smart sport, does not take all day, you can fit it in around your schedule and ‘Squashercise’ is a great workout, I can meet new people and it helps me become smarter and stay healthy.

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