Lincoln Students loving the Big Hit!

The Big Hit is a scheme to get students involved in squash and racketball and gives them a chance to try the sports at a beginner level.

It costs players £15 to sign up and they can get up to eight weeks worth of coaching as well as a yellow T-shirt.

More than 50 members of the university's team went to the taster session and 44 continued to participate in the programme.

President Chris Green said: “I think the coaching has encouraged beginners and people who want to get better to join [the club]. People seem to be enjoying it.

“The Big Hit has helped. It's a relaxed atmosphere and a social environment for people and those who want to try squash as there's no pressure on them to join a team.”

Nottingham Trent University and the University of Leicester are among those in the East Midlands who are included in the scheme.

The club has seen a significant increase in membership over the last year and currently have fifty seven players, all of whom are eligible for the Big Hit.

Hannah Corrall explained the reason she signed up. She said: “I had never played before and I want to know how to play properly.”

Matthew Bresnan added: “I signed up to keep fit and meet new people.”

Nigel Jubbs, who runs WIN Squash and Racketball, has been leading sessions twice a week at the university.

He said: “I like to see the squash courts being used. I am impressed with their enthusiasm and that they turn up every week. I'm also impressed that they all get on.”

John Davis, Regional Manager for the East Midlands, added: “The University of Lincoln, Big Hit Squash programme has been a huge success in the East Midlands for this year’s University delivery.

“The coach and the student club have worked together perfectly to promote the initial sessions and also convert a fantastic number of participants onto the course. It’s great to see so many students engaging with the product and playing more squash!”

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