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Great reasons to get involved with Squash & Racketball...

Burns Calories
Squash and Racketball are great alternatives to visiting the gym, you can burn around 650 calories per hour on court and not even realise you are doing so.

500,000 people play Squash and Racketball in England on a regular basis, the overwhelming reason people give for playing is enjoyment. Both Squash and Racketball are sociable sports, you can get a great workout and then enjoy a drink afterwards!

For All Ages & Abilities
Squash and Racketball can be played by all ages and abilities, from junior sessions to beginner sessions to over 50’s Racketball, there is an option for everyone.

Work Every Muscle Group
Squash and Racketball can help to build strong, shapely leg and bum muscles – the sport requires lots of dynamic lunging to give you that toned look! Moving to and hitting a ball that is also moving also helps strengthen the back and shape the abdominals. Because of the energetic nature, rallies and the impact involved, squash and racketball are brilliant for the prevention of a range of diseases including osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

You only need a thirty minutes and you can get a great all round work out, so even the busiest people can fit it in around work, family and other commitments. You can even squeeze a game in on your lunch break!

Easy to get started – it’s cheap & accessible!
There are 5,000 courts in England in clubs, leisure centres, universities and colleges. Access can be very easy – 40% of courts are owned by local authorities and are easily booked – equipment is often available for hire and is inexpensive to buy.

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Squash and Racketball are fun, sociable sports that are great for keeping fit.
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