Workplace Challenge

We have teamed up with our local County Sport Partnerships to provide you with the workplace challenge!

This is a great FREE challenge for you and your business to get active.

1. Start - Sign up on the workplace challenge website

2. Get active - Start logging your activity levels online whilst competing with other workplaces, friends and colleagues at the same time. You can log all your participation in squash/racketball so Court Challenge Series, Squashercise and Play It sessions are a great way to rack up those points! The more activity you do, the more points you get... and points make prizes!

3. Get involved with the competition programme - The County Sport Partnership Network organise inter-workplace competitions for you and your colleagues*. It doesn't matter if you haven't played before, local sport coaches will provide support and instruction for your team and all events are low cost with an emphasis on fun! Keep an eye out for squash workplace challenges, some will be popping up in your region soon!

*Competition programme events are only available in certain areas (see competitions page for further details).


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